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Show Saturday 7:00 p.m. Sunday 3:00 p.m.

Schroeder High School

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Dance Attire / Clothing†

†Please go to a dancewear store for the proper fit for your shoes. †They have all the supplies you need. †

We recommend Bailey Slipper Shop †3300 Monroe Avenue †by Marshalls †( 381-2520)† and Inspiration Dancewear †1843 Ridge Road Junction††Webster ( 265-0387)

Our dance studio†requires the following dance attire:†

General Attire Requirements

  • Leotards - Any solid color, no attached skirts or bike shorts, no costumes or tutus
  • Tights†- pink for all one hour or more ballet classes. Any color ( black pink or tan) †for tap, jazz and combination classes
  • Hair -† Hair must be firmly secured in a bun or ponytail attached to the head with a clip or barrette. No ponytails.
  • Jewelry - †Any jewelry that hangs or dangles should be removed. Post earrings are allowed.
  • Dance Shorts - are allowed if they are tight fitting, solid color with no writing. †No gym shorts or street clothes. Dancewear stores will have them.
  • Solid color camisoles may be worn over leotards. †T-shirts that are baggy, multi colored or have graphics are not allowed.

Boy's Requirements

  • Clothing - sweatpants or dance pants and †t-shirt
  • Black ballet shoes
  • Tie tap shoes
  • Black jazz shoes†


Ballet: †Pink leather ballet shoes † young students can choose split sole or full sole †Older students use split sole.
† † † † † † † Canvas ballet shoes may be worn for class but are not allowed for performance.

Jazz: †Tan†jazz shoes, tie or slip on whichever is a better fit

Tap: † † †Black

Pre-school/combo 1:†patent leather. Store brand or name brand. Capezio makes a patent leather in a narrow or wide width and Bailey's carries them.
Combo 2 and 3: Capezio junior tyette #NC25 has elastic sewn in to keep shoes on.
† † ††
Beginning tap through tap 3:† Bloch Tap On, Capezio Mary Jane,or Bloch Merry Jane †( this is a faux leather and only needed if the other two do not fit.)

Tap 4 †through intermediate: - in order of preference, Bloch Tap On,, Baileys brand Dolly, Bloch Merry Jane or Tap oxford

Intermediate-Advanced: Tap oxfords can be used. They are more expensive but if you're feet are done growing, options are:

Bloch Tap Flex †( split sole but has some support) †preferred
Capezio Cadence
Bloch Respect †( full sole) not recommended for advanced levels)

NOT ALLOWED †soles that bend in half: † do not buy Leos's or a CApezio Fluid

Half soles ( half ballet shoe) Bodywrappers;Twyla recommended, Capezio Pirouette buy leather not canvas
All shoes must be checked by a teacher before using them. † They will be checked at the first class or before if possible.†

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