Summer classes begin July 20!

Everything Princess Camp ages 4-7 August 4-6

Pure Imagination ages 4-7 August 10-14

Childrens Theater week ages 8-12 August 10-14  

 Theater offered thru zoom only.





Dance Attire / Clothing 


 Please go to a dancewear store for the proper fit for your shoes.  They have all the supplies you need.  

We recommend Bailey Slipper Shop  3300 Monroe Avenue  by Marshalls  ( 381-2520) .

Our dance studio requires the following dance attire: 

General Attire Requirements

  • Leotards - Any solid color, no attached skirts or bike shorts, no costumes or tutus
  • Tights - pink for all one hour or more ballet classes. Any color ( black pink or tan)  for tap, jazz and combination classes
  • Hair -  Hair must be firmly secured in a bun or ponytail attached to the head with a clip or barrette. No ponytails.
  • Jewelry -  Any jewelry that hangs or dangles should be removed. Post earrings are allowed.
  • Dance Shorts - are allowed if they are tight fitting, solid color with no writing.  No gym shorts or street clothes. Dancewear stores will have them.
  • Solid color camisoles may be worn over leotards.  T-shirts that are baggy, multi colored or have graphics are not allowed.

Boy's Requirements

  • Clothing - sweatpants or dance pants and  t-shirt
  • Black ballet shoes
  • Tie tap shoes
  • Black jazz shoes 


Ballet:  Pink leather ballet shoes   young students can choose split sole or full sole  Older students use split sole.
              Canvas ballet shoes may be worn for class but are not allowed for performance.

Jazz:  Tan jazz shoes, tie or slip on whichever is a better fit

Tap:      Black

Pre-school/combo 1:  patent leather. Store brand or name brand. Capezio makes a patent leather in a narrow or wide width and Bailey's carries them.
Combo 2 and 3: Capezio junior tyette #NC25 has elastic sewn in to keep shoes on.
Beginning tap through tap 3:  Bloch Tap On, Capezio Mary Jane,or Bloch Merry Jane  ( this is a faux leather and only needed if the other two do not fit.)

Tap 4  through intermediate: - in order of preference, Bloch Tap On,, Baileys brand Dolly, Bloch Merry Jane or Tap oxford

Intermediate-Advanced: Tap oxfords can be used. They are more expensive but if you're feet are done growing, options are:

Bloch Tap Flex  ( split sole but has some support)  preferred
Capezio Cadence
Bloch Respect  ( full sole) not recommended for advanced levels)

NOT ALLOWED  soles that bend in half:   do not buy Leos's or a CApezio Fluid

Half soles ( half ballet shoe) Bodywrappers;Twyla recommended, Capezio Pirouette buy leather not canvas
All shoes must be checked by a teacher before using them.   They will be checked at the first class or before if possible. 

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