Summer classes begin July 20!

Everything Princess Camp ages 4-7 August 4-6

Pure Imagination ages 4-7 August 10-14

Childrens Theater week ages 8-12 August 10-14  

 Theater offered thru zoom only.





Deborah MacKay School of Dance helps your child develop confidence, self-esteem, discipline and the skills necessary for all types of dance in a friendly, structured, environment.  Our curriculum consists of: pre-school, combination classes, ballet, pre-pointe, pointe, lyrical,  jazz, tap,contemporary ( if inter or advanced), theater ( inter,advanced) and hip hop. For adults we offer barre fitness, ballet, tap and sometimes jazz, held  in 6 week sessions.  In 6 week sessions we  also offer, Creative movement for 2 1/2 to 4 year olds,

Year Round Classes for 2019-2020
For a complete schedule, please call the studio for proper placement
The classes below run September to May. Year round classes begin September 9

 Pre-Ballet &Tap   3-4 years           Ballet &Tap  5-6 years               Ballet &Tap 6-7 years                    Ballet -Tap & Jazz 7-8
Tuesday 4:30-5:30                           Tuesday       5:30-6:30                 Monday 4:15-5:15                           Thursday 5:15-6:45
Thursday 4:15-5:15                          Wednesday 4:30-5:30                 Wednesday 5:30-6:30
Saturday 9:30-10:30                       

The following classes for 19-20 are FULL:
Ballet 3, Hip Hop 4, Jazz 4, Ballet 4/5 Tech, Ballet 5, Inter 2 Jazz, Intermediate HH, Intermediate contemporary, Intermediate Tap,
Tuesday pre-school and Tuesday combo 1. 


Enchanted Tales from Around the World  July 14-16  ages 3-5 9:30-11:30   $80.00
In studio or zoom option!  Limit of 8 in person. Minimum number of students required.  **see below for safety information


**  If you opt to do this on zoom we suggest an adult or older sibling is around to help.  You may pick up craft supplies and snacks (fortune cookies on China day!) prior to the beginning of the camp, day/time to be determined. this way your child will have all supplies needed as if they were there.

In studio: Students will be 6 feet apart in their own grid or circle.  During craft time your child may need help and the teachers will be closer than 6 feet but will wear a mask. When snacks are provided, masks and gloves will be worn by the teacher until all students are served. Two adults and one student helper will be available the entire two hours.  During dance instruction, whether masks need to be worn is still to be determined.  Any props will be sanitized prior, used by one student only, then put away to be sanitized.








Creative Movement

Age Requirement: 2 1/2 - 4 years
Class Length: 1 hour
Description:A fun, active class. Every week features a child friendly theme such as paw patrol, the zoo, dinosaurs and dragons, Winnie the Pooh and many more. Explore movement and rhythms with music, props, games, books. We learn our right from left, how to follow directions and make new friends! No performance. 6 week sessions. Tuesdays 9:45-10:45. 


Age Requirement: Age 3 - 4 by end of December
Other Requirements:None
Class Length: 60 minutes
Description:  Creative movement, pre-ballet, tap. Students will learn through play and games along with traditional lessons. We will skip, hop, galop and march. We will be animals stretching and developing our muscles, fairy tale princesses learning to walk and run, musicians with tambourines and moroccas. We will do very basic acrobatic work and make a lot of rhythms with our tap shoes and rhythm sticks. This class does participate in our year end show. Tuesday 4:20-5:30  Thursday 4:15-5:15 and Saturday 9:30-10:30 Choose one and please have a 2nd choice in case all classes do not fill.

Combination Classes  levels 1 2 and 3

Age Requirement: 5 - 7
Other Requirements: None
Class Length: 1 Hour
Description: This class consists of 30 minutes each of ballet and tap. Combo 3 consists of 30 min each ballet tap and intro to jazz.


Age Requirement: Not before age 10
Other Requirements: 2 ballet classes per week
Class Length: 1 Hour
Description: When the teacher determines a student has the physical structure, ability and strength to begin pointe, this can be added as a preparation for pointe work.


Age Requirement: -
Other Requirements: 2 ballet classes per week in addition to pointe
Class Length: 1 Hour
Description: this is a third ballet class per week.


Age Requirement: pre-lyrical (no dance) is offered in level 3, a lyrical dance is offered level 4
Other Requirements: 1 Ballet class
Class Length:varies
Description: A fluid, expressive form of jazz .


Age Requirement: Age 8 and up
Other Requirements: 1 Ballet class  there are jazz classes for age 10 and up that do not require ballet
Class Length: 45 minutes ( beginning) to 1 Hour
Description: a traditional, theatre based style.


Age Requirement: Age 8 and up
Other Requirements: 
Class Length: 45 minutes beginners:  one hour when students enter level 2
Description: Rhythmic sounds and patterns are created.

Hip Hop

Age Requirement: Usually age 10 and up
Other Requirements:  jazz is recommended prior or along with this class
Class Length:45 minutes to an hour 
Description: This is not always a separate class. We incorporate it into their regular jazz class at younger levels.

Teen Classes ( 13 and up)

Other Requirements: none
Class Length: 60 minutes 
Description:  For those students that would like to experience dance and participate in other activities.

Barre Fitness:

Requirements: hand weights, mat
Class Length: one hour
Description: a combination of exercises derived from ballet, yoga and pilates.  The barre is used as a                                  prop for balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training.

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